The Omorose Bridal Collection By Tena Durrani

The Omorose Bridal Collection By Tena Durrani

This year’s bridal collection, ‘Omorose’ took inspiration from the beautiful 18th century renaissance homes from around the world. The spectacular interior of gold gilt edged mirrors and ornate silver gilded ceilings form the grandeur of that era, which this collection strives to embody. Intricate embroideries and flattering silhouettes make this bridal collection one of beauty and splendour. The palette begins with soft creams, earthy pewters blending into greens, golds and rich jewel tones.teena+durrani+bridal+dress+52 teena+durrani+bridal+dress+51 teena+durrani+bridal+dress+48 teena+durrani+bridal+dress+47 teena+durrani+bridal+dress+44 teena+durrani+bridal+dress+43 teena+durrani+bridal+dress+40 teena+durrani+bridal+dress+39

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