Sporting blue cuffed jeans, a slouchy, white cotton T-shirt, and black sneakers, and wondering what you can do to look more fashionable? You can put on a pair of Ray-Ban Aviators.

Wearing a navy blue, embroidered printed silk crepe dress from Chanel, a black lady Dior, and nude Louboutin pointed toe pumps, but unsure which accessory will look just right? Try the Adès by Oliver Peoples.

Indeed, whether you’re in casual or formal wear, in ordinary or designer threads, a pair of sunglasses (like the stylish unisex sunglasses earlier mentioned) should kick up your style a notch. Thus, if you love being modern, trendy, and chic, it’s time to take your sunglasses more seriously.

Here are a few trendy sunglass styles you need to check out.

1. Colorful Lenses

Sunglass lenses are typically black, brown, and gray. It’s understandable. After all, sunglasses primarily function as sun shades.

However, the sunglasses’ evolution into a quintessential fashion accessory has led to the development of so many more lens color options. Clearly, there was a need for more colors. Not everyone can look their best in typical sunglass colors.

Try pastel shades like soft pinks, mellow lavenders, baby blues, and mild greens if you want to stand out. Pink lens sunglasses include Michael Kors’ Pilot Chelsea and Bvlgari’s Square Pink Gold.

Oliver Peoples also has pastel-tinted shades. The Coleridge Cobalto is lovely, with its golden frame contrasting nicely with the dreamy blue hue of the lens. This should suit you if you have a fair complexion. The Coleridge is also available in olive green, which should accentuate warm skin undertones.

Aside from pastels, there are sunglass lenses in more vivid colors like violet, yellow, orange, emerald green, dark blue, and even ruby red. These colored lenses are typically available in mirrored and tinted options.

2. Two-Tone and Gradient Fashion Mirror Lenses

Mirrored lenses are perfect if you don’t want anyone to see what you’re feeling, gauge your thoughts, or guess where you’re looking. However, two-tone and gradient mirror lenses are extra captivating because of their eye-catching color effects.

Maui Jim is a prominent name in the two-tone fashion mirror lens segment. This brand has polarized mirror lenses in dual tones of gold and silver, blue and silver, and silver and gray.

The gold-to-silver lenses are particularly enticing, bringing to mind wonderfully bright summers and gorgeous sunsets. They will work exceptionally well with a bikini, a Hawaiian shirt, and casual beach attire. The silver-to-gray lenses are a good compromise if you require something a little more formal yet still fashionable.

Dual mirror lenses are available in Maui Jim’s Waterfront, Mariposa, Hukilau, Perico, ‘Ekolu, Siren Song, and Treble collections.

Ray-Ban also has gradient mirrored shades. The Aviator Blue Chrome is exceptionally energizing with its blue-to-violet lenses. If you want to craft stunning videos for social media, these sunglasses will definitely elevate your look.

3. Irregularly Shaped Sunglasses

Aviators and wayfarers are classics, and you will never go wrong choosing them. However, you can try different styles. Perhaps some other shape will accentuate your face better than your go-to Porsche pilot sunglasses.

There are hexagonal sunglasses, e.g., Ray-Ban’s hexagonal flat lenses. How about oversized, square sunglasses, like the Lacoste square matte shades? The round shape also looks great, like the elegant and minimalistic round sunglasses by Giorgio Armani.

Other exciting shapes include the butterfly (Vogue and Dolce and Gabbana have butterfly-shaped shades) and the cat eye (Burberry and Tiffany & Co. have exquisite cat eye frames). Then, there are also fusion or irregular shapes such as Ray-Ban’s Jack or Bvlgari’s irregular and oversized geometric sunglasses.

4. Retro Skinny Sunglasses

These are sunglasses that look like a fraction of the size of regular sunglasses. They are narrow, so they don’t offer much coverage and thus serve more as a fashion accessory than eye protection from the sun.

Skinny sunglasses come in different shapes. There are plain rectangular ones with vertical frames so narrow they look stretched out. The cat eye shape is also a popular skinny shade shape.

5. Elaborately Designed Frames

Sunglasses with elaborately designed frames are great accessories. Imagine wearing a black lace dress, black pantyhose, and black pumps. Your embellished sunglass frames can add a dash of flamboyance to an otherwise somber outfit.

The famous jeweler Tiffany & Co. breaks through the square stereotype by adding a golden metal wire that overlaps with and protrudes from the actual frames. This is what gives the sunglasses their square shape.

Dolce and Gabbana also has gray butterfly sunglasses with a ridged top frame. The ridges are impactful against the sunglasses’ otherwise austere silhouette.

6. Rimless and Semi-Rimless Shades

Semi-rimless and rimless shades look stylish because of their slim and svelte silhouette. They are also often more lightweight than their rimmed counterparts and thus more comfortable to wear.

If you want to try this style, check out Tiffany & Co.’s silver butterfly sunglasses or Noor’s oversized maroon sunglasses.

Go for Trendy

A pair of stylish shades will complete almost any type of outfit. Sunglasses are great accessories to casual streetwear, a designer brand’s prêt-à-porter, and even a custom-made dress from your favorite atelier.

If you’re feeling adventurous, eschew the classic shade styles for something a little trendier. Try on colored lenses, two-toned or gradient lenses, irregularly shaped frames, skinny shades, embellished frames, and rimless and semi-rimless sunglasses.