Andre Emilio Fall/Winter Bespoke Luxury Collection 2018-19

Andre Emilio the biggest name in bespoke/custom suit segment has launched its Fall/Winter luxury collection for the year 2018 / 19.

In this collection Andre Emilio has stayed close to the luxury standards. Featuring the double breast and three piece suits. Exquisitely crafted to perfection. The brand as always still favors the Italian cut and promises to offer amazing fitting to the customers. The favored color combination for the upcoming season seems to be the Olive Green, Dark brown, Grey, purplish blue and the hues of the same. Special mention should go to the contrasting waist coat in the three-piece suit ensemble.

Andre Emilio offers an exquisite custom suiting experience. Their attention to detail and obsession with perfection ensures that the customers get a well fitted suit that makes their special occasion even more special. The latest collection from the brand targets the upcoming wedding season and is what every Groom would desire to wear, on his Wedding day or Walima.

Specialty of Andre Emilio brand is that they offer customization even to the minutest details for example the thread to be used in the shirt buttons. They also offer customized tie and pocket set which is an ideal service for the Groom since they can match their tie and pocket square set with the bride’s dress. Combine all of this and the ability to even have your shoes customized the customer has the chance to walk out of their store more dapper, stylish and perfectly in synch with his personal gait, posture and style.