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Then you are on write place: here we suggest you some Best and Cheap Hair Straightener In Pakistan. Mostly women nowadays shopping online i think its a best and time and money saver ideas. Because all information comparison product Pros and Cons in front of you. So stay with us here we are suggest you best and cheap Hair Straightener In Pakistan. Here we post a review of 3 outstanding Hair Straightener product those available in Pakistan.

  1. Sencor Hair Straightener 110BK/131

  2. Sonashi Hair Straightener 2022P

  3. Philips Hair Straightener HP8321

These 3 product give you best performance in reason able price so look here or plan to buy a best product for your beauty room.

  • Sencor Hair Straightener 110BK/131

  • Price: 2100 PKR 
  • +92-300-6530821

Sencor Hair Straightener 110BK

Product Details: 

  1. Main features SHI 131GD Tourmaline technology combined with ceramics achieves the smoothest ironing surface
  2. Temperature 200 °C
  3. PTC technology for fast heating of plates to the working temperature
  4. LED operating indicator light
  5. Special floating ironing surfaces prevent hair damage
  6. from crimping and so do not require so much down pressure as standard fixed flat iron
  7. Swivel 360° power cord preventing twisting and tangling
  8. Power input: 40 W
  9. Ironing surface area: 90 x 24 mm

Key Features:

  • PTC technology for fast heating of plates to the working temperature
  • LED operating indicator light
  • Special floating ironing surfaces prevent hair damage from crimping and so do not require so much down pressure as standard fixed flat iron surfaces

It took Sencor Best Hair Straightner manufacturer just a few years to take a leading position on the market of straightening products. The rapid success of the company was foregone by advanced and user-friendly technologies, allowing users to create any style they wanted and do it in a kindly way without damaging hair. Thanks to mineral-infused ceramic surface and adjustable heat settings, one can apply the optimal heat to her hair type and achieve the desired results. The smooth and shiny surface of plates prevents pulling of hair and adds incredible shine to each hair lock so that it looks absolutely gorgeous and salon-like styled.

Having Sencor Hair Straightner iron flat is similar to visiting a hairdresser’s. It approaches each customer to suit her hair type perfectly. Choose between high, medium and low settings in the range of 100ºC to 200ºC temperatures to find the optimal heat to apply to your hair and not overdry or kill it. 7 heat settings allow changing hairstyles and experimenting with your looks every day and that’s what makes this flat iron so favoured by many girls around the world. Why would it not be? The manufacturer equipped the irons with international mains plug so that it could operate not only in UK but also in European and Asian countries. That’s handy for those girls who often travel and need their iron at hand.


Before styling hair, blow it  dry well. Whatever hairstyle you’d like to do, straighten or curl your hair, it’s not allowed to apply any heat on it until it’s totally dry, otherwise, you’ll make your hair brittle and fragile pretty soon, and all the beauty of a hairstyle will be gone irrevocably. So, don’t rush, spray some thermal protection on hair and use a hair dryer. Thermal sprays not only can protect your hair from the damage of heat but also give it glorious shine and gloss you’ve always dreamt about. They are also used for fixation. It’s also important that you apply heat settings that are friendly and kind  to your hair type. So, if your hair is rather thin and soft, start straightening at lower settings (100ºC-150ºC). For coarse and thick hair, higher settings will work better (170ºC-200ºC).

Every time you use a hair blower, straightener or curling iron, your hair undergoes high temperatures which may be detrimental to your hair healthy look. In order to preserve its beauty and keep it shine, don’t dismiss using thermal protection sprays.


  • Sonashi Hair Straightener 2022P

  • Rs. 2,290 Rs. 2,739

  • +92-300-6530821

Sonashi Hair Straightener 2022P

Product Details: 

  1. The Sonashi SHS-2022 Hair Straightener is guaranteed to give you that Super-Model look with its Ceramic plats and 360 Degree swivel cord!
  2. Black ceramic plates
  3. Led indicator
  4. PTC heating
  5. 360 degree swivel cord

Key Features:

  • The Sonashi SHS-2022 Hair Straightener is guaranteed to give you that Super-Model look with its Ceramic plats and 360 Degree swivel cord!
  • Black ceramic plates
  • Led indicator
  • PTC heating

A new religion for hair”, that’s how the Sonashi Hair Straight slogan goes and leaves us confident of the quality of its products. Sonashi Hair Straight irons are a popular choice of girls all over the world and not without a reason. Let’s find out together what there’s so special about them and what the manufacturer meant when called them a new religion. At the first glance, you’ll hardly see they look any different from hundreds of other cheaper irons on sale. But that’s only until you look a little closer. Now you’ll see the unique design of the plates and user-friendly heat control. The shape of the plates allows users to create almost all existing hairstyles, from bouncy curls, loose waves to sleek and shiny strands of hair. The plates aren’t too big, somewhere about 1 inch (~25 mm), so winding hair around them is pretty easy and quick. Straightening wouldn’t be any different. Though, you might want to section your hair first to ensure that you can approach each hair lock to straighten it perfectly. Because

Sonashi Hair Straightener 2022P

Sonashi Hair Straight

flat iron works at 185°C only, we wouldn’t recommend it to girls who’ve got rather thin and brittle hair. But for most other ladies who’ve got tired of fighting with unmanageable hair this flat iron will surely do its best and much more.


  • If you’ve got thin and weak hair, any hair treatments with hot tools can make it look even more lifeless. The solution in this case is to use the hair products that contain silicone. When put on hair, silicone can add some weight and make it look much thinner than it really is.
  • After hot treatments, a lot of women complain of the split hair ends. That’s a common problem that occurs as a result of regular using of flat or curling irons without thermal protection spray. To protect your hair from this problem, you should wash it with the products that contain a lot of protein. The protein is recognized the best remedy for damaged hair that can quickly repair it from inside.
  • Avoid blowing hair dry at high settings. Considering the damage of high blower’s power and minor reduction in the time that you’d spend on drying, that’s not worth it. Beautiful hair is something you can get but only if treated carefully and mindfully.
  • For wet hair, brushing isn’t acceptable. You can only comb it and do it starting from the ends. According to research, brushing isn’t favourable for hair at all and can eventually lead to a greater hair loss than norm, so try not to overdo and use quality brushes without sharp bristles.
  • For tangle-free and smooth brushing, high-quality brush is a must. Don’t hesitate to spend a bit more to get really good products for your hair.
  • Philips Hair Straightener HP8321

  • Price: 5000 PKR

  • +92-300-6530821

Best Hair Straightener In Pakistan

Product Details: 

  • For Queries, contact Product Expert @0301-8268457(Between 10 AM to 7 PM)
  • 1 year brand warranty
  • Sleek style
  • Long plates for fast and easy straightening
  • 210°C professional high heat
  • Shiny and frizz-free hair
  • Ease of use
  • Easy and safe storage
  • 1.8 m power cord
  • Fast heat up time
  • Universal voltage
  • Swivel cord to prevent tangled wires

Glossy and sleek with shine with 100mm long plates

Specially designed for speed and ease of use, the longer plates of the new Essential Care straightener allow you to get the straight look you want faster, while being gentle on your hair.

Specifications of HP8321/00 – Hair Straightener – Black

  • Brand
  • Philips
  • Model
  • HP8321/00
  • Warranty Policy EN
  • 2 Year Brand Warranty

What’s in the box

1 x Hair Straightener – Black
Key Features: 
  • Long plates for fast and easy straightening
  • 210°C professional high heat for perfect results
  • Shiny and frizz-free hair

For a lot of people, the money-quality ratio is among the prior things they consider. And with that in mind Philips Hair Straight has produced a flat iron with excellent tech specifications and attractive price. Comparing to many other and more expensive irons, Philips Hair Straight HP8321 flat iron surprised us with 15 seconds heating time and efficient heat distribution across the entire plates’ surfaces. Something that we all strive for but rarely find in the variety of products. The other thing that we liked about this flat iron is its rounded shape, allowing using it for versatile hairstyles – waving, curling, straightening and all this with a single tool, amazing! The heat can be adjusted within three available heat temperatures to apply the optimal one to your hair type. The maximum temperature the tool can heat up is 230°C, which is quite a lot and therefore, suitable only for women with rather thick and coarse hair.  For everyday or frequent use, it’s advisable to use it at much lower settings in order to not damage the strands of hair.


Natural wavy hair is a gift, but not girls are happy having it. According to the research conducted by Unilever company, over 40% of women with wavy hair regularly use flat irons to smooth their curls and vice versa, girls with straight hair often curl it to achieve the waves. People have always been like that by the way. We are often unhappy with what we’ve got. Yet the hair problem was solved already in the XX century when Simon Monro invented and patented his first flat iron. The tool had only 7 bristles on a plate and could straighten hair in a way we all use a brush. Three years later Isaak Shero introduced into the market the flat iron that looked and operated just like the tool we know today. The iron featured two plates that clasped together and reached rather high temperatures to suit most hair types.