Blue World City Islamabad, is a residential project of top quality in one of the most picturesque areas in the capital. The Blue Group of Companies developed the society in partnership with Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company. Blue World City is near the Chakri Interchange. It is also close to the new Ring Road.

Blue World City Islamabad offers incredible investment opportunities. It is currently one of the most affordable residential projects in the area, which has made it a popular choice for investors. Blue World City is the best option for those looking to make safe investments.

Blue World City’s project is divided into blocks that offer residential facilities. These include Blue Hills Country Farms and Blue Hills Country Farms.

Due to the increasing popularity of online communication and business, the project offers online services for customers such as blue city verification and online installation, Certificate of registration online Verification, and Application Status.

Blue World City is a city that combines elegant architecture with a high-quality lifestyle. This is the result of the vision of town planners, who envisioned a place where they could live with their loved ones and enjoy an extravagant lifestyle at a reasonable price.

Blue World City Developers & Owners:

Blue World City Islamabad was developed by the well-respected Blue Group of Companies which offer excellent services in real estate. Saad Nazir, the son of Chaudhry Nazeer, ex-Deputy Commissioner Lahore is the owner of the housing project.

Property News is happy to announce that Blue Group of Companies signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company, an internationally recognized Chinese company. This memorandum is intended to fulfill the promise of high-quality development in the realty industry.

About the developers:

Blue Group of Companies was established in 1989 in Lahore. The company was founded to provide creative architectural design and construction services across the country. The developers have earned a reputation for being reliable and professional because of the high quality of their services. Blue Group of Companies currently ranks among the top 5 real estate companies in Pakistan.

Structure of Blue Group of Companies –

This company offers the following services

  • Real Estate Development
  • Marketing, Architectural Design
  • Construction
  • IT Support
  • Commercial Printing

BGC’s team includes more than 300 professional’s architects, designers, managers. This team is enthusiastic and driven to achieve excellence in their roles.

The following are other projects that have been a success for the company:

  • PIA Co-operative Society
  • Center Park Lahore
  • Blue Town Sapphire
  • Blue Mart and Blue Technologies

Blue World City Islamabad NoC:

Blue World City’s project is legal and clear. Rawalpindi Development Authority has granted Blue World City Islamabad planning permission against the Vide Letter number. 532/10/DC Dated 07/08/2018

A later application was submitted to authorities which resulted in the inclusion of the NoC status of the society on the list of under-processing societies.

All constructions and developments in the society were made according to RDA criteria. There is misinformation out there that Blue World City Islamabad has been declared illegal. However, it is clear that Blue World City Islamabad’s NOC will soon be approved by RDA.

Blue World City Islamabad Location

Investment is a major focus of Blue World City Islamabad. It is easy to reach the society from all major areas of the twin cities. Blue World City can be found on the main Chakri Road, near Chakri Interchange. It is easily accessible via the M-2 Lahore Islamabad Motorway.

Society is also easily accessible via the New Islamabad International Airport. Because of its location and the beautiful surroundings, both realtors and investors love it. It is far from the hustle and bustle and chaos of urban life. Nova City Islamabad is also a prime spot within the city.


Accessible from the following areas, the housing project can be found:

  • Just next to the Chakri Road and Chakri Interchange
  • It is approximately 03 minutes from Sihal, Chountra Rd., Pind Malhu. Rawalpindi.
  • About 05 minutes driving distance from Sihal, Rawalpindi, and Punjab
  • It is approximately 13 minutes from Chakri M2 Toll Plaza. M2, Chakri, Rawalpindi. 46000
  • It takes approximately 13 minutes to drive from Chakri, Rawalpindi, and Punjab
  • Rawalpindi Race Club is approximately 13 minutes away
  • It takes approximately 21 minutes to drive from Syed Abul A’la Maududi Ave. Qurtaba City. Rawalpindi.
  • About 29 minutes drive to Parial Hunting Club, Rawalpindi (Punjabi).
  • It takes approximately 31 minutes to drive from New Islamabad Airport Rd. Islamabad Gandhara International Airport is in Islamabad.
  • Rawalpindi is approximately 32 minutes away
  • It takes approximately 33 minutes to get from Islamabad.
  • Khanial Homes is approximately 33 minutes away
  • About 48 minutes drive to N-5 National Highway, Grand Trunk Rd Rawalpindi
  • About 57 minutes driving distance from Islamabad Defense Housing Authority, Islamabad
  • About 57 minutes driving distance from Rawat, Islamabad
  • About 60 minutes drive to Saddar, Rawalpindi
  • About 1hr 2 min drive from N-80, Fateh Jang. Punjab
  • It takes approximately 1hr 3 mins to get from Bahria Town or Rawalpindi in Punjab, Pakistan

Nearby Landmarks & Places

Blue World City is home to many luxurious housing options and landmarks.

  • New International Islamabad Airport
  • Islamabad
  • Rawalpindi
  • Bahria Town Phase Islamabad
  • Defense Housing Authority, Islamabad
  • Capital Smart City
  • Mumtaz City
  • Top City-1
  • University Town
  • National Agriculture Research Center
  • International Islamic University Islamabad
  • National University of Science and Technology
  • Giga Mall Rawalpindi

Blue World City Islamabad Masterplan:

Blue World City Islamabad’s master plan gives an accurate picture of the town’s planning and future developments.

The housing scheme includes a lot of commercial and residential plots, as well as a large number of houses and apartments. Constructions and developments happen at an accelerated pace.

There is a main boulevard, interwoven streets, and roads that run through the society. There are ample areas for planting trees and green belts to enhance the scenery and filter the air.

Blue World City Blocks

Blue World City Islamabad offers a safe and secure community that provides a tranquil environment for its residents. Developers have created a well-planned community with an excellent infrastructure.

The blocks that makeup Blue World City are:

General Block, Blue World City:

Blue World City’s General Block offers a complete living experience.

These properties are affordable and come with all the modern amenities.

This block features

  • Parks of lush green
  • Pavements and wide roads
  • Streetlamps
  • Greenbelts, flowerbeds
  • Layout plan for practical purposes
  • Beautiful landscaping
  • Best space utilization
  • Parks

Overseas Block for Blue World City:

Overseas Block is a location for Pakistanis living abroad who want to live in an area with an international standard of living. Living in this block feels like they’re living abroad. This block is gaining popularity thanks to its state-of the-art amenities and outshining society in general.

This block has a limited number of residential and commercial plots available for sale or purchase. The plots are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. The Overseas block of Blue World City offers simple payment plans and residential and commercial plots.

Blue World City Waterfront Block

Blue World City Waterfront Block was the latest addition to the Blue World City project. This area is located right next to the Overseas Block and waterfront of the society. Residents could take in the tranquility of the society and the serene views from the waterfront.
You can live in close proximity to Rawalpindi or Islamabad and be able to reach your business or office within minutes. All the commercial and residential amenities within the community are available, so no one needs to travel far to meet their needs. You can also access state-of-the-art healthcare facilities within the society.

Blue World City Executive Building

Blue World City has introduced its latest block, the Blue World City executive Block. This is a great addition to the already amazing residential community. It is easily accessible via multiple routes and is in a prime location. It is also located near the twin cities of Islamabad (and Rawalpindi).

The Executive Block will be the epitome of luxury, class, and elegance. All the modern amenities and basic facilities will be available to the residents of this block. Blue World City’s Executive Block will offer a luxurious lifestyle for its residents.

Blue World City Executive Block offers residents the opportunity to have the home of their dreams at very affordable rates. It offers plots in 5 Marla and 10 Marla as well as 20 Marla with a 4-year payment plan.

Note: Executive plots are currently unavailable.

Blue Hills Country Farms

Blue Hills Country Farms, another sub-project in Blue World City Islamabad is Blue Hills Country Farms. This project is located in the most tranquil area of the city with lush green spaces, and stunning landscapes.

These farmhouses combine elegance with luxury. They are best suited for those who follow a strict work schedule and want to relax in a tranquil and relaxing environment.

Many people wonder “Why the Blue Hills Farm Houses?”. It is our pleasure and honor to tell you that Blue Hills Farm Houses offers all you need. This project will allow you to live a luxurious life that is unique, peaceful, and tranquil.

Blue World City Awami Complex

Blue World City Awami Complex, a new addition to Blue World City Islamabad, is an important part of the city’s popularity. There are single and duplex units available. Each residence is elegantly designed with all the modern amenities.

Its stunning architecture is a testament to the developer’s skills and expertise. It is easily accessible from Chakri Road, near the Chakri Interchange. Blue World City Awami Complex can be found close to the New Islamabad International Airport.

It consists of a five-story structure with a basement. It is surrounded by beautiful landscapes.

The Awami Complex in Blue World City Islamabad has apartments in the following sizes:

  • Studio Apartment 375 Sq. ft.
  • Family Apartment 550 Sq. ft.
  • Family Apartment 830 Sq. ft.

Duplex Villas in Awami Complex

Duplex Awami Villas are one of the most impressive parts of Blue World City Awami Complex. These villas are affordable, which is excellent quality. Villas provide every modern facility and feature to residents. These villas are affordable with simple installment plans and payments.

The sizes and types of the Villas are listed below:

  • Ground Floor 675 Sq. ft.
  • First floor 675 Sq. ft.
  • Second Floor 675 Sq. ft.

Blue World City Orbital Apartments

Orbital Apartments in Blue World City are the best choice if you wish to take in the breathtaking views of beautiful landscapes. These apartments offer premium living at affordable prices. These Orbital Apartments offer all modern amenities, including a water theme park, the tallest horse mascots, and water theme parks, as well as a gym, spa, and 208ft. wide orbital avenue.

The apartments have many great features:

  • Penthouse overlooking the ocean with special elevators
  • Interiors with a theme
  • Services of high-end quality
  • Atrium
  • Indoor swimming pools
  • Gyms
  • Spa
  • Top-notch 24/7 maintenance and services
  • Uninterrupted utility supplies

Blue World City Overseas Executive block

The new Blue World City Overseas Executive block has been used to launch the residential plots. This luxurious block provides residential plots at affordable rates. The following is the size of the plot:

  • 7 Marla (175 sq. Yd.)

Blue World City Property Types

This project offers the following properties

  • Residential Lots
  • Commercial plots
  • Apartments
  • Farmhouses

The following are the dimensions of residential plots:

  • 05 Marla
  • 08 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

The following are the dimensions of farmhouses:

  • 04 Kanal
  • 08 Kanal

The following are the dimensions of commercial plots:

  • 05 Marla
  • 08 Marla

The sizes of overseas plots are:

  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 14 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

The following sizes are for Waterfront Block:

  • 6 Marla
  • 12 Marla
  • 18 Marla

The following sizes are for Executive Block:

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 20 Marla

Blue World City Islamabad Payment Plan:

This is the ideal time to invest in commercial and residential ventures. This is because society has just begun to develop and the properties are priced at low rates. For the convenience of investors, the scheme offers a 3-year and 4-year installment plan. Book your reservation with a 10% downpayment.

Bahria Hills Islamabad is another project that offers properties with easy payment plans.

The following are the payment options for properties in Blue World City.

Salient Features:

Blue World City Islamabad’s facilities make it an ideal place to live with loved ones. Blue World City Islamabad is a prime location with legal status. It also offers all the conveniences of life.

Blue World City Islamabad offers everything you need, including education, health, food, and fitness. Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi’s state-of-the-art facilities are also a highlight.

These are some of the great features of this project:

  • World-class Infrastructure
  • Well-Designed Road Infrastructure
  • Society’s mass rapid transit system
  • Paved Walkways and Jogging Tracks
  • Basic utilities like water, gas, or electricity are all available.
  • Underground utilities supply
  • Comprehensive security system
  • Boundary wall
  • The best pharmacies and hospitals
  • The top educational institutions
  • Staff with the right training in maintenance and management
  • Gated housing community
  • Affordable housing options
  • A well-planned drainage system and waste disposal system
  • Business centers that are modern and spacious
  • Beautiful green parks and green areas
  • There are many options for living and working in a variety of commercial and residential areas.

Amenities and Facilities:

Blue World City Islamabad has the following incredible facilities:

Basic Utilities

The top priority for developers is to provide basic facilities such as water, gas, and electricity. The residents will have access to water, sui gas, as well as electricity throughout the day. Load-shedding is not an issue for residents. However, in the event of a power outage, there are power generators and electricity backups that will ensure that the electric supply continues.

The society’s residents are not in short supply of Sui gas. Clean water is also provided by society through water boring and filtration systems.

Medical Facilities

Developers are not going to neglect residents’ medical needs, so they included a master plan for a high-tech hospital. There are also several clinics and pharmacies available to ensure residents have access to the best medical care. The clinics have skilled medical professionals, and pharmacies can be stocked with both local and imported medications.

Commercial Activities

This housing scheme is located in one of the most commercially-oriented areas of the city, and it proves to be an important hub for commercial activities.

Residents can shop at their own convenience. Blue World City provides all the services residents need so they don’t have to travel far to get what they want.


We Muslims must perform our religious duties. The master plan for the society also includes a Grand Jamia Mosque within each sector to allow residents to offer their daily prayers. The developers also plan to replicate the Blue Mosque of Istanbul, an architectural masterpiece. This replica would be a great way to promote Islam in Pakistan and Islamic traditions.

Theme Park

Blue World City is well-known for its spectacular water theme park. Water slides, waves, waterfalls, a wave pool, a volcanic waterfall, a swimming pool for children, and water surfing are all part of the park.

Road and Street Network

Society maintains a network of interconnected roads that allows for smooth traffic flow. The roads are lined with lush green trees. They measure 40 ft. 60ft. 80ft. 100ft. and 120ft.

Transport System

For those without a vehicle, society has a solution. Blue World City provides a well-organized and maintained transportation system that allows you to move freely in the city.

Sewage Drainage System

There are drainage and sewage pipelines to keep the community clean. Every residence has main holes and drains to allow water to flow easily. There are also dump carts that can be used to dispose of your waste.

Safe and Clean Society

Residents are guaranteed 24/7 security at the housing society. To ensure security, the entrance is equipped with walk-through doors and security guards who keep an eye on those entering the society. Security cameras can be found at various locations. For the safety of residents, guards are always on the watch.

Because of trees and other plantations, the environment is refreshing and clean in this housing scheme. A proper waste management system is in place, with trash carts installed throughout society.


A land area is included in the master plan for a cemetery, so residents can bury loved ones close to home.

Pros & Cons

The following are the pros and cons to this housing plan:


Pros Cons
Soon to be approved NOC Perception of poor accessibility
Available for possession: Residential and commercial plots
Installment plans and easy payment
Water supply
Secure boundaries
Secure wiring
Streets and roads with carpeted streets
Sewerage and drainage system
Health zones
Fitness zones
Playgrounds and parks
General stores
Backup for Electricity
Eating zones
Clean environment
Friendly, responsible staff

Why invest in Blue World City Islamabad?

Investors must consider the following important factors before investing in a housing project: cost, location, approval NOC, payment plan and facilities. Let’s take a look at the main reasons for investing in this huge residential and commercial development.

Approved NoC:

RDA will soon approve the NOC of Blue World City. There are no allegations of illegal development or land encroachment.

Property Prices at Affordable Rates:

Blue World City has both residential and commercial properties available at very affordable rates. These rates are lower than those of nearby housing societies like Taj Residencia and Park View City.

Flexible Payment Options:

Easy payment plans are available for properties in Blue World City Islamabad. The 3-year and 4-year installment options are available for those who can’t afford the lump-sum payment.

Accessibility and Ideal Location:

Blue World City is located in the best and most scenic area of Chakri Road near M2 Motorway. The housing scheme makes it easy to reach many places in the twin cities.

Blue World City is a great place to invest. Enjoy the best of modern life by becoming a part this residential venture.

Guidelines to Follow Before Buying Property in Blue World City Islamabad

These guidelines should be followed before you purchase a property under this housing program:

  • The Rawalpindi Development Authority approved the NOC.
  • Check documents from RDA
  • Find a reliable property dealer
  • Check that the funds are in accordance with the purchase or sale plan before you buy or sell a property.
  • Take into account the accessibility to facilities such as water, gas, and electricity.
  • Take a close look at the infrastructure.
  • Check the area and see if you are within walking distance of schools, hospitals, offices, or other facilities.
  • Examine the level of security offered to members of the society.

How do I book my property in Blue World City Islamabad?

To book any type of property in the housing community, visit the booking office with these documents:

  • 2 passport size pictures
  • 2 copies of your CNIC
  • 2 copies of your I.D. 2 copies of the I.D.
  • NICOP for clients overseas

Online booking is possible at the official website for the housing society, or at the website of Property News.


The following FAQs are about Blue World City:

Q1 – What is Blue World City Islamabad?

Ans Blue World City Islamabad was developed by Blue Group of Companies and aims to provide a high-quality living environment for its residents.

Q2 – Is Blue World City Islamabad a legal entity?

Ans – The RDA is about to approve the NOC for this housing project.

Q3 – Where is this housing project located?

Ans Blue World City Islamabad’s location is at Main Chakri Road near M2 Motorway.

Q4 Who are the developers/owners of this housing project?

Ans Blue World City is a project of Blue Group of Companies that is owned by Saad Nazir. This mega project was developed by Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company, a Chinese company.

Q5 – Does Blue World City offer an Installment Plan?

Ans – The BWC project offers simple installment plans with terms of 3 and 4 years, depending on the property.

Q6 – Why Blue World City is a Pak-China friendly City?

Ans.Blue World City signed an MOU for all development work on this huge housing project with a Chinese Company. It’s the first Pakistani-Chinese housing society, and it is a symbol of Pakistan’s independence.


Blue World City by Blue Group of Companies is a dream residential project. It is located in the heart of the city on the main Chakri Road. This society offers apartments, farms, commercial plots, and commercial plots. Residents of this housing society can take advantage of advanced residential facilities at low prices. It is possible to pay for your property using installments and payment plans.

Sky Marketing recommends that you become a part of this incredible residential venture to enjoy a high-standard lifestyle. For any type of blue city price, or for any other information, you can contact us. Blue World City reviews go beyond the ordinary.