“Bunto Kazmi’s” Son Ali Kazmi Opens His First Menswear Store


It’s an exterior that belies the classy sartorial choices that lie within — well-conceived, stylish, a rarity in the erstwhile market for tailored menswear.

One would have expected the son of acclaimed couturier Bunto Kazmi to open his first menswear store with hype, hoopla and tall claims. Instead, Ali Kazmi chose to slip into retail very quietly a month and a half ago, letting the designs do the talking and word of mouth build publicity.


(An unassuming store in Karachi’s KDA area declares ‘Kazmi Menswear’.)

In today’s world of social media, drum-beating and paid reviews, it is a strategy that is something of an anomaly. One wouldn’t recommend it, except that it may just manage to work for Ali. There is a certain finesse to his work that one doesn’t see in the motley crew of menswear brands fumbling their way through the local market.

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