Cross Stitch Cotton Satin Winter Collection 2016-17

Creative designs embellished with floral embroidery pattern in very unique color’s combination make these dresses glamours, Cross Stitch introduced Cotton Satin collection for fall winter 2017 in wide range of dramatic designs. Look here we are shearing with you complete catalog of Cross Stitch Winter Collection 2016-17. 

cross-stitch-cotton-satin-2016-17-10 cross-stitch-cotton-satin-2016-17-9 cross-stitch-cotton-satin-2016-17-8


Crescent Embroidered Cambric Collection Fall/Winter 2017

cross-stitch-cotton-satin-2016-17-15 cross-stitch-cotton-satin-2016-17-14 cross-stitch-cotton-satin-2016-17-13


Nisha Introducing Latest Winter Collection 2016 By Nishat Linen