Jewelry is an essential part of Pakistani traditions. Whether it is a cultural event or a wedding ceremony, ample attention is paid to the jewelry designs and their matching. Pakistani choker necklaces are well known for their rich cultural heritage and intricate designs. The exquisite craftsmanship of these aesthetic jewelry pieces makes them an exceptional part of Pakistani traditions.

The appealing artwork and attention-seeking adornments impart an everlasting impression of the perfect blend of the traditional methods and techniques that are passed down through generations to create influential designs in every decade. The result of these techniques is those show-stopping choker necklaces that our Pakistani celebrities and social media influencer adore and flaunt. Let us have a virtual journey of the intricate craftsmanship of Pakistani Choker Necklaces.

Traditional Methods of crafting choker necklaces in Pakistan

Multiple traditional techniques of jewelry are used to design choker necklaces in Pakistan. Out of these techniques Meenakari, Kundan, Jali work, and Filigree work are the most popular ones that are used to design these amazing chokers. All these techniques require intense hard work and ample time. Pakistani skilled artisans handcraft the amazing choker necklace designs that you witness on social media. Let us have a sneak peek of the main techniques that are used in the process of designing these culturally rich chokers.

  1. Meenakari- Enamel work

Meenakari is a technique of enameling. It includes the use of vibrant colors on the surface of the metal to amplify the beauty of the designs. Catchy colors are used on golden, silver, cupric, and bronze metal shades to craft an ethnic impression of the choker necklaces. Gold and silver are mostly used as base metals to design these necklaces.

Firstly, the base metal is prepared by shaping it and giving it a coat of suitable polish. Metallic wires are used to create an outline of the designs suggested by the designer or artisans. These wires act as a perfect barrier for the enamel. For enamel, different powders are used to create a solution or paste of colored enamel. These powders are mixed with gum which is used as a binding agent. When the enamel is dried and set in place, it is fired in a kiln at high temperatures to fix it into the metal. This not only fuses it with the metal but also gives the choker necklace a shiny finish. This technique requires skills and intense care to bring the best and most unique designs that you see in the market.

  1. Kundan- Setting Stones

Kundan setting of semi-precious and precious stones into the silver and gold metallic base to create a smooth and fashionable look for these jewelry pieces. Both these techniques are widely used by skilled Pakistani artisans to bring out the best handmade jewelry designs for you. Special care is taken to apply these techniques and meticulous handwork accompanied by keen attention is required to perfectly match these designs and color combinations.

  1. Filigree- delicate metalwork

In addition to these techniques, Filigree is another famous technique that is used to design these necklaces. This requires delicate metalwork to create beautiful designs that capture the hearts of the audience at first sight. Thin wires of different metals such as gold and silver are used to create a lace-like effect on these choker necklaces. Different patterns are created using the filigree technique. It is mostly fused with enamel work and setting attractive stones to add visual appeal and depth to the designs. This technique represents intense hard work, precise work of artisans, and polished skills that combine to bring out extraordinary and contemporary designs of Pakistani choker necklaces.

  1. Jali Work- An art of perforation

There is another amazing technique that is used to add distinction to traditional Pakistani jewelry designs. It is widely known as Jali work. Jali is based on the meshwork. It involves the fusion of perforated patterns in various metals. Skilled craftsmen put intense hard work to create these perforations with hand or laser. Jali work redefines the overall fashion statement of these choker necklaces. It is a renowned method to add elegance and detailing to jewelry pieces making them appealing to the eyes and dazzling to behold.

Pakistani choker necklaces- A perfect combination of art and skill

Pakistani choker necklaces can be found in a variety of different designs. Designers are putting in massive efforts to deliver the best artwork and the skilled artisans of Pakistan are all set to bring these designs into reality. Depending upon your personal preferences, the type of events, and the top trending fashion requirements, you can select appealing designs for these choker necklaces. These culturally rich jewelry pieces are the best solution for your weddings. They hold a special place in Bridal jewelry.

The attractive enamel work and metal work are used to engrave pretty designs on metal and colorful stones are used to finish these designs. In addition to gold and silver, cupric shades are also very common. They impart an aesthetic version of your persona whenever you adore them with you to any place.

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