Summers are already knocking on your door and so is the demand for freshening up your wardrobe for summer. This season brings a pool of summer lawn designs every year. Pakistani brands launch their summer lawn volumes every year and update us with new prints and designs. Because the lawn is the most suitable fabric in summer. It is a highly breathable and lightweight fabric that keeps you cool and dry by absorbing excess moisture. Moreover, it has a comfortable and soft texture and it is highly manageable. And you can style it the way you like. Due to the great versatility of this fabric, it has become the first choice of ladies.

Summer lawn prints Ideas 2023

It is high time to revamp your summer wardrobe with some cool prints and designs. If you are confused about the prints and want to get out of the box to style differently, here is a perfect guide to the latest summer lawn prints that are rocking the market. Although summer lawn designs keep varying with the latest trends in fashion, the most loved lawn prints are as follows:

· Traditional Majestic prints:

These print ideas come from the Mughal era. They represent the cultural heritage of the subcontinent. These traditional designs come in a variety of shades. Some of them have color-blocking shades, others have a dusty theme. They are a good choice to wear formally.

· Attractive Floral designs:

Floral designs are a forever-in-style thing. These prints are a depiction of femininity and grace. There is a huge variety of floral prints that include sunflowers, roses, daisies, and many other floral varieties. The best thing about floral designs is that they fit in every design. You can style them into CO-ORDS, kurtas, maxi dresses, or even skirts.

· Geometric Summer Lawn prints:

Who on earth is not a fan of geometric prints? Block prints and stripes are a popular fashion during summer. They never fail to elevate the energy and excitement of your attire. They add elegance to your outfits by enhancing color. You can play with the geometric prints to style them according to your height and weight. These prints come in a variety of shapes and designs every year.

· Intricate Digital prints:

Digital prints never fail to mesmerize the eyes of viewers. They are a novel trend and have caught hype in the last two years. They have highly detailed designs that you can’t expect from traditional printing.  The detailing in these prints makes them look ethnic and classy. They are a perfect choice for your summer wardrobe.

· Chic Abstract prints:

Abstract prints are a favorite print for those who love to adore contemporary and artistic impressions. They are available in a variety of designs and colors. You can choose a bold and bright abstract print or a subtle and muted design.

· Unique Animal prints:

Animal prints are unique designs on their own. They are fun and playful when chosen in vibrant colors. The most popular animal prints include zebra and leopard prints. They are good to go at homes and formal events if styled properly. If you don’t want excessive designs, get a cheetah print or zebra stripes to be in style and feel comfy simultaneously.

· Paisley Summer Lawn prints: 

Paisley prints are an ornamental textile design. They have a beautiful motif-based print all over the fabric. Paisley summer lawns have been popular for generations. They are highly detailed and can be styled in any type of cut.

· Paste Printed summer lawn:

The paste-printed lawn is another choice to style your summer lawn dresses. It gives a three-dimensional effect by adding depth and texture to the lawn fabric. It makes you stand out among all other types of prints.

In addition to the printed variety, you can add some pretty embroidered summer lawn dresses to your wardrobe. Thread embroidery, beadwork, and zari embroidery are some common designs to check out.

Color guide to summer lawn dresses

The perfect attire is the one that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Any outfit without a perfect color can’t look graceful. Because colors either make or break the impression of the outfit. While choosing colors, you have to keep in mind the type of prints, the cuts, the body type, the season, and the occasion. Choose colors that complement your body type and skin tone. Otherwise, they can spoil the original elegance of your outfit and persona.

The summer season introduces vibrant and funky colors. You see bold and bright prints everywhere. They freshen up your moods and add excitement to your summer lawn outfits on lazy sunny days. Here is a guide to the summer lawn color palette. You can explore the entire range of these printed and embroidered lawn dresses online at La Mosaik.

Ø Bright and funky summer Lawn designs:

Summer is high time to try the bright and bold colors that you kept adding to your wish list for so long. Vibrant colors like Yellows, Electric blues, oranges, and hot pinks elevate the energy of your outfit. They add a dominating look to your attire that makes you noticeable and attractive. Funky colors also make you look younger and prettier.

Ø Classy neutrals and whites:

Soft colors never fail to redefine your fashion statement. Summer lawn dresses in cream, beige, white, and tan colors give you an expensive fashionable look. They highlight your classy fashion sense.

Ø Pastel summer lawn designs:

Pastels are a timeless fashion for summer. They create a fresh look with lighter shades of blues, yellows, pinks, greens, and other colors. They pop up your softer persona. They are a good choice for formal events.

Where to find these summer lawn prints and shades?

You can find all these colors and designs in the latest collection of lamosaik. La Mosaik brings you popular Pakistan lawn brands’ best summer lawn designs. Check out the amazing designs and color varieties and get your dresses online at affordable prices.