The bleaching of the face may not appear to be a difficult task for many but an important aspect to be kept in mind is that this has be done methodically. In case the proper route is not followed, the results could be least beneficial. To achieve the desired results that are precision oriented, face bleaching should be done at a salon.

Time constraints however compel you to do it at home, so this needs a very caring touch and ensuring that the correct method is adopted and proper face kits used.

Lets first discuss who should bleach their skin. It should be done by those.

  • whose face is full of hair
  • whose face has suffered tanning
  • those who have a skin tone that is patchy and uneven
  • who have open pores


Highlighted here are the various skin types and the bleaches that are appropriate.

  • Oil-Based Bleach for Dry skin
  • Powder-Based Bleach for Skin with dark patches and pigments
  • Milk Bleach for Sensitive skin
  • Soap Flakes Bleach for Oily skin
  • Aloe Vera Bleach where Wrinkles are present and skin saggs
  • Oxy Bleach for Pale and dull skin

Once the selection of the proper and relevant bleach has been made, proceed to know the correct method and this is as follows.


  • Wash the face thoroughly using a mild cleanser.
  • Apply the pre bleach cream on face
  • The bleaching mixture may be prepared by mixing the activator and powder and without time wastage apply it on the face.
  • On the forehead and neck,Use a thick layer of bleach.
  • Take care and do not apply the bleach near the eyes .Also keep it away from nostrils and lips.
  • Leave the bleach to work on your skin for 15 minutes. Wash your face with cold water.
  • Follow the instructions on the carton carefully.
  • If you’re using the gold and diamond bleach, use the neutralizing face pack to ease the irritation.
  • Apply Multani mitti face pack to your face afterward to ease the irritation.
  • Apply a mild moisturizer after that.
  • Don’t step out in the sun immediately. Don’t go for the facial as well.
  • Don’t go near heat for 3-4 hours.