There are myriad ways to create a signature look for yourself and the most evident way is by wearing an earring. An earring adds individuality to your style by complementing your whole look. Keep reading to gain an idea about the best tips to choose fashionable earrings for men.

Fashion allows you to feel unconfined and comfortable without experiencing any sense of discomfort or fear of getting judged. You can dress up the way you want and choose accessories, that you think, would complement your look. Your whole attire should represent your originality and pride should be leading your way through the streets.

Without any further delay, let us help you explore the best ways to choose some stylish earrings for men. Take a look below to find out more!

Essential Tips to Choose Stylish Earrings

There are certain factors that have to be taken into consideration while wearing an earring. The type of earring always differs according to the place or occasion of where you are wearing it at.

Let us have a look at some of the points you should check for before wearing your earring so that it doesn’t ruin your style.

  1. Facial structure: Each facial structure has a perfect type of earring for itself. For instance, if you have an oblong face then round earrings would go with your face shape. For heart-shaped faces, straight earrings without curves will be a great match. For round faces, square earrings will be perfect.
  2. The tone of your skin: The tone of your skin will determine the right colour of earrings that would amplify your originality and beauty. Your earring must add more charm and individuality to your look, instead of stealing them.
  3. Size: It is always advisable to choose earrings that are small and proportional to your body. Big and bulky earrings tend to make your whole outfit look out-of-focus.
  4. The theme of the outfit: The main motto of wearing earrings is to infuse originality into your fashion sense and compliment your whole look. When wearing casual and bright clothes, try wearing vibrant and colourful earrings. However, in cases of formal attires, go with minimalist designs of white and other light shades.

Types Of Men’s Earrings

In recent days, you do not have to skim through all jewellery stores in search of accessories for men. There are innumerable online stores and websites available nowadays that can help you choose the perfect earring for yourself! So before, you must be aware of all the different types of earrings available, right? Let us help you find out.

  1. Hoop earrings: These are basically circular or semicircular earrings that have become extremely popular in terms of men’s accessories. It is better if you choose a small one with a subtle design to maintain the overall beauty of the outfit.
  2. Magnetic earrings: Magnetic earrings are extremely innovative as they do not require you to have an actual piercing. They are tailored in such a way that the two pieces would be locked once you wear them in your lobe without leaving any visible marks.
  3. Men’s dangle earrings: These are basically hoop earrings in the form of pendants. A beautifully designed silver or metal ornament is suspended from the hoop giving it a pendant-like look.
  4. Stud earrings: If you are a beginner and have just gotten your piercing, then stud earrings are the best for you. They are safe, easy to wear and much more versatile than any other earring.
  5. Novelty earrings: These are available in different designs and styles and can be a great way to amplify your style statement. However, these might not be a great match for a formal atmosphere.
  6. Clip-on earrings: These earrings are extremely easy to wear as you would just have to clip them on your lobe.
  7. Tapers: These earrings appear to be in a point shape. They are available in different designs and customs on various platforms.


Which ear should a man wear an earring?

It has been known since the 1980s that most straight men in the US wear it on their left while most gay men choose to wear it on their right. However, there is in general no such rule to this. You can wear it on any ear you want.


Long gone are the days when accessories were only meant for women. Society is more open-minded and liberal in terms of fashion now. Men and women can choose to wear anything they want. This article has been created to give you a detailed guide to wearing earrings. We hope you enjoyed reading this article. Good luck!