Phatyma Khan is a sparkling gem in the crown of Pakistani fashion. Her name is popular as a artist who knows that how to indulge glamour and femininity to come with wonderful style. Undoubtedly, its pret, formal or street casual; Phatyma Khan familiar with how to make a complimentary fashion that matches with the taste of every women. Therefore, today her name counts in few big and glamorous dressmaker’s. Her source of inspiration is not limited to architect, Mughal dynasty, Turkish courts, Asian heritage, Pakistani tradition or subcontinent sophistication. Basically, a little moment, a word, glimpse of any antique piece or nature; anything can energize her to bring an ultimately created attire. Today, Phatyma Khan’s Fall-Winter 2016-17 Luxury Pret line defines her significant and unique philosophy. Which has lively colors, splashing moods, girlish theme and edgy cuts.


Tena Durrani Luxury Formal Wear Collection For Winter 2016-17