Amazing Tip For Painless Waxing

Waxing is good for your skin, but the only con of this process is the pain that comes along. That’s why this article is going to focus more on the secrets to painless waxing, have a look. The first waxing session hurts the most, and you almost freak out with the term, “waxing.” You keep dreaming about the groans and ouch’s that would be coming out of your mouth on that particular day. When hair is ripped out from the skin, it pains (much more than you can imagine).


Can you reduce the pain and make your waxing go painlessly? Yes, surely you can. With these tricks and secrets you can make those waxing session seem quite painless. Take a look.

Don’t wax before Before:

you go for waxing, make sure that you don’t shave the parts at least 3-4 weeks prior. It is said that you should have an inch of hair, so that it can be pulled off quickly. Which means, you should avoid shaving at least for a month. It’s hard to pull off a remarkably short hair and pulling extra long hair can be highly painful as well.

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Avoid waxing during periods:

You should avoid waxing during periods because your skin tends to get sensitive during these days. Apart from this, you should avoid taking up waxing sessions before the arrival of your period date. The best time is to wax just after your days have completed because your body functions normally during this period and also waxing can go on painlessly.

Hot Shower Avoid cold shower:

And opt for a hot shower before you go to attend your waxing session. Hot or warm water will open the pores of your skin and also soften the upper layer of skin. You can try to soak for a longer period, so that all the pores open up, which becomes incredibly easy to pull out the hair from the skin. This is why people say, you should always bath and then get waxed.


To make your waxing session go easy, you should exfoliate before attending the meeting. Exfoliating helps to remove the dead cells from the body and releases the hair which is trapped under the dead skin cells. Once the dead cells from the skin are cleared, it becomes very easy to pull out the hair follicles. Exfoliating your skin helps to lift up the hair easily, so that it can be removed very quickly.


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Loose fitting clothes:

You should always prefer wearing loose fitting clothes because it can make things go on in a smooth way. After getting waxed, your skin tends to be sore and is sensitive for some time. You should opt for loose and natural fabric clothes because tight fitting clothes can aggravate the skin and cause in growing hair. Opt for the natural fibres, as they will not irritate your skin and avoid sweat.

Numbing cream:

If you think you have an extra-sensitive skin, you can end up applying numbing creams on the area. This is particularly useful if you are going in for a Brazilian or bikini wax. Numbing cream makes the skin go senseless by numbing the area, thus ensuring better and painless waxing sessions. You should apply this cream before 30 minutes.


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Aloe Vera Gel:

Just after you are done with waxing, ask the expert to apply some aloe vera gel or any other soothing gel, so that you get rid of the slight inflammation and red bumps on the skin. It is always better to opt for aloe vera gel or any other natural ingredient gel. This will help to calm your skin and hydrate it.