Sunshine Bloom Cotton Silk Collection For Winter By Al Zohaib 2017

Al Zohaib Textile Introducing Sunshine Bloom Cotton Silk Collection For Winter 2017

Latest Pakistani winter dresses collection Sunshine Bloom presenting by Al Zohaib Textile in Cotton Silk fabric. Al-Zohaib Textile launching Sunshine Bloom in wide range of glamours designs and eye catching colors combination with latest cut & style. This winter collection of Al-Zohaib Textile is a prefect for winter or also have a unique pattern of neckline embroidery. I am sure you like to wear this collection to make a part of your winter wardrobe. Here we are publishing complete collection of Sunshine Bloom Cotton Silk dresses by Al-Zohaib Textile. Enjoy winter or stay with us for more.

sunshine-bloom-cotton-silk-collection-by-al-zohaib-2017-30 sunshine-bloom-cotton-silk-collection-by-al-zohaib-2017-29 sunshine-bloom-cotton-silk-collection-by-al-zohaib-2017-28


Origins Embroidered Fall/Winter Collection 2016-17

sunshine-bloom-cotton-silk-collection-by-al-zohaib-2017-33 sunshine-bloom-cotton-silk-collection-by-al-zohaib-2017-32 sunshine-bloom-cotton-silk-collection-by-al-zohaib-2017-31


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