What are the operations-related challenges faced by the airport management? To begin with, the airport is faced with a huge challenge: to sustain the airport’s growth and sustain the traffic in the airport. If you compare the same period the previous year, there is tremendous growth in the traffic, but then the airport taxi¬†was facing some operational challenges.

Different Transportation Services

Till now, the airport has been offering different types of transportation services like bus, taxi, motorcycle taxi, car rental service etc. At first the bus services were offered at cheaper rates and people were using them frequently. However, later the same buses ran on low hours and that increasing the load and the time taken for the traveling. The problem was similar with taxi services, but they too offered a cheap rate and a long journey. This led to the growth of passengers in and out of the airport and a tremendous increase in the traffic within the airport premises.

Single-Line Trains

At first, the Airport provided only single-line trains for the traveling public. Later they offered two and three-line train services. It increased the movement in the airport and provided better connectivity for the traveler. In addition to these trains, there was also a separate shuttle service. However, the shuttle services were quite slow and did not reach every place. People either had to wait for the same shuttle bus or take the taxis which were very inconvenient.

To overcome this, the airport management conducted special shuttle buses, which provided the customers with the comfort and facilities they wanted. The same shuttle buses were stationed at various important points inside the airport premises to reach any place conveniently. These services make sure that the traveler has an excellent and smooth journey and thus contributed to improving the general atmosphere at the airport.

Airport Management Staff

There were some problems like robbery and some other hindrances that required a quick response from the airport management staff. They were able to resolve this issue by making more police officers and putting all the passengers who got robbed on the spot on video cameras. Thus, this helped in reducing the incidence of crime at the airport. Another challenge faced by the airport management is about providing reasonable accommodation to the passengers. Initially, a one-story building was constructed at the airport, which was later converted into a Hoteliers’ Club.

Travelling Experience

This club provided various facilities to the travelers along with the services. Initially, there was a canteen inside the club, but later, it was converted into an international airport lounge. The Lounge offered the facilities like AC, wifi, conference room, and lounge seating. But later, there was an addition to the lounge area with conference center and other services such as ATM, internet, and other telecommunication services. All these services added extra comfort to the traveling public and gave an improved air travel experience.

Another significant challenge faced by airport management is related to safety measures. There have been instances where the runway has been evacuated due to security reasons. Similarly, the check-in desks were delayed due to long queues. These factors have hindered the efficient work of the airport management team and eventually led to inconveniences for the traveling public.

Final Thought:

To conclude, it can be said that there are many issues which have put a strain on airport management. Some of these are discussed in the above article. However, none of these things can be prevented from happening. In case of any emergency, one should contact the closest airport authorities such as the airlines, authorities concerned, and the police.