Zainab Chottani Bridal Collection At Bridal Couture Week Gold 2016

Zainab Chottani is a most famous and leading fashion designer in Pakistan because she also presenting world class fashion trends in women clothing. Zainab Chottani’s collection “Daastaan” is all about creating your perfect story. Stepping right back into her forte, this is a bridal and formal collection that will define every individual’s personality. Whether you are getting married, falling in love, or simply just feeling beautiful- this collection is here to define you. The ensembles will feature beautiful dreamy colors in shades of blue, white, and silver. This compilation will have head turning gowns, shararas, dhaka pajamas, bell bottoms and even the uber chic dhoti shalwar. Nonetheless, pairings and styling done to perfection with Zainab Chottani’s own unique touch.

Zainab Chottani-bridal-collection-at-bridal-couture-week-13 Zainab Chottani-bridal-collection-at-bridal-couture-week-12 Zainab Chottani-bridal-collection-at-bridal-couture-week-11 Zainab Chottani-bridal-collection-at-bridal-couture-week-10 Zainab Chottani-bridal-collection-at-bridal-couture-week-9 Zainab Chottani-bridal-collection-at-bridal-couture-week-8