Crimson Announced To Launched Latest Eid-Al-Adha Collection 2017

“Fashion is art, it’s absolutely art. It’s telling a story”. With every campaign, we continue to explore fashion as an art form. We push more boundaries and set higher standards. Clio, Be Your Own Muse, takes our gorgeous muse, Ayesha Omar, through a range of high fashion window displays. You might see her being fitted for a ball, posing for the paparazzi, draped in endless fabric or, as in this image, having broken out of the display. The windows themselves are placed in unlikely situations where they seemingly don’t belong at all. But somehow, by being out of place, they are beautiful. By not fitting in, they make a gorgeous statement. And that is the spirit of our Be Your Own Muse campaign this festive season. Dont fit in, stand out.