Gulaal Luxury Eid Collection 2019

Gulaal Presenting Luxury Eid Collection 2019

Presenting the complete catalog of Gulaal Luxury Eid Collection a collection focusing on luxury and festivity considering the occasion of Eid. Incorporating traditional embroidered patterns, modern layouts on pure fabrics, and heavy touches of hand embellishments. Gulaal Luxury Eid Collection 2019 consisting of 9 amazing designs may leave you speech less. Rich embroidered dresses have very unique pattern of embroidery and prints. All dresses of this collection embellished with traditional embroidery and very touchy cut and style.

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Every girl wish to look attractive and beautiful, she always want to keep herself one step ahead form other girls, Gulaal has bought chiffon designs in embroidery range featuring embroidery art on Chinese chiffon fabric inn this collection designer has followed her own rules with ethnic balance, lively splash of embroideries on lavish colored chiffon. This collection has soothing fabric, refreshing hues and modern prints all what you need this season to create a stir.Gulaal Brand focus on empowering the Asian traditional style of clothing in the form of pret and unstitched form, this brand always produce finest fabric along with stylish embroidery on the digital and abstract prints, the dresses that Gulaal create have creative and electric touch in them and are eye catchy in term of their colors and prints, she create things that are around her, what remain same is the quality of fabric and overall the comfort of the outfit.

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Gulaal Luxury Eid Collection 2019 Gulaal Luxury Eid Collection 2019 Gulaal Luxury Eid Collection 2019

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