Republic by Omar Farooq Presenting Hunar At PFDC Loreal Bridal Week 2019

Inspired by the eclectic ancient art and architecture of the subcontinent, ‘Hunar‘ brings the intricate detailing and unique artistry of the Mughal era to life.
When explored, ancient Mughal art was both unconventional and thought provoking. It celebrated the rich culture of the region while also inspired a range of modern ideologies. Delving into the history of such virtuosity is gloriously breathtaking.
Taking the beauty of Rajasthan and pre-colonial subcontinent as our basis, we have created a range of celebratory formal wear, that not only commemorates the foundation of our heritage but also our craft and love for beauty and art.

Made for the fashion and art enthusiast, Hunar explores the use of a variety of crafts and intricate workmanship brought to light by our subcontinental legacy. Looking at art and architecture from the past, we have combined floral elements with an array of historic symbolism that reflect life and beauty as it were. Altogether, celebrating the romanticism and idealizations so deeply inherent in the Mughal dynasty.

The entire line finally comes together through classic silhouettes in a range of subdued pastel shades. Celebrating the confident, classic man – one who appreciates art and history as much as he appreciates fashion and beauty.