Huma Adnan Latest Collection PEGAH At FPW 2018

Huma Adnan showcased summer collection PEGAH” at the stage of FPW SS 2018. Huma Adnan as a brand aligns itself with social justice and therefore has dedicated this collection, Pegah, meaning early light of day in Persian, to helping refugees seeking asylum in Pakistan. Joining hands with UNHCR, Huma Adnan brings jewelry and crafts to the collection that were made by refugee women, in order to promote women empowerment in the work force.

The collection takes inspiration from the airy, and light pastel shades of summer 2018. It features recurring motifs of nature in the form of embroideries and prints that, coupled with the soft palette, portray a glowing image of peace. The designer chose to use elements such as jagged hemlines and bold jewelry to symbolize subtle turmoil, in pieces that would otherwise be considered uncontroversial and predictable. Meanwhile, the free form drapes and the unstructured appeal of the garments make the esthetic of the collection peaceful and calm. 

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