In various colors, designs, and sizes, you will find school uniforms. They play a significant role in bringing up the difference in schools and making each school get identified. Each time students put on a particular uniform, they easily identify themselves.

However, uniforms have their pros and cons. Since their invention, they have come with both good and bad things. Have a look.

School uniform pros

Reduction of violence

According to experts from Assignment Geek, uniforms play a significant role in decreasing the rate of violence. When students are in uniform, they do not engage in violence as they easily get identified. Shoes and uniforms make it quite simple to know the person who has done a specific task.

Theft also lowers because the uniform makes investigations relatively easy. Having a limited design and shouting colors make it easy to see unusual instances.

Maintenance of discipline

Uniforms come in specific designs and sizes. For instance, some do not get shorter above the knees. Therefore, you can be entirely sure the students know what is accepted as a record and what is not accepted.

When students are in uniform, they tend to behave better. This is because once discipline is instilled, you will have it easy to maintain it. On a uniform, each student would not want their school to be associated with indiscipline.

Making the work of management easier

The work of teachers and administrators becomes very easy when you have uniforms. They do not have to waste time assessing the dressing height and colors. What they will do is to see if the students have the proper uniform.

Creating perspective about careers

Students get to maintain a specific perspective about careers when they put on uniforms. For instance, they create the love of being police officers and other professions that need uniforms.

Creating a community

Students get to belong to a specific community when they put on uniforms. It becomes easier for them to maintain living in a community. It also instills the attitude that people live together and get identified by ordinary things.

Reduction of distractions

Students’ unrests and violence get to reduce to a great degree when in uniform. There is usually that fear of getting identified quickly. When in uniforms, the process of identifying students who misbehave in unique instances becomes easier.

Cons of school uniforms

Some things are unpleasant about uniforms. Although they make the kids alike, there are also certain things they tend not to fulfill.

Violation of freedom

Sometimes students argue that uniforms tend to limit them. They feel that they cannot express themselves and are usually under tight rules. An argument that parts of uniform involve the head makes it difficult to manage.

Violence between schools

Students tend to fight one school in some instances. Having a solid bond created by uniforms makes the students a little bit difficult to manage. The trouble with other schools becomes very easy to start creating more harm.

Limit religious clothing

Uniforms tend to limit religious clothing, such as rosaries and yarmulkes. They, therefore, have a feeling that their freedom of worship gets limited. Spiritual practices also get interfered with by uniforms.

Difficult to enforce

It may be slightly challenging to enforce rules on school uniforms. Creating the policy may be somewhat challenging. Some students may come with the same color but different designs that make it harder to implement.


Sometimes school uniform becomes costly, especially for children. They play, and uniforms get dirty. They, therefore, become tough to manage and maintain. Frequent replacement also becomes a difficult task.


School uniforms have played a significant role in making identification easier. However, they have come with goodness and also things that are not pleasing. Maintaining the uniforms becomes difficult.