The Eye Scanning Password Authenticator For Iphone & IMAC

This palm-sized device scans the eye to confirm a user’s identity before granting access to secure websites and other sensitive digital data. Employing the same biometric technology trusted to verify travelers at international borders, the authenticator has a small camera that scans each user’s iris, whose 240 distinctive points form a pattern unique to an individual.


Using this identifying information, the authenticator creates an encrypted ID that cannot be forged or duplicated, unlike standard passwords that can still be entered when acquired by a hacker. Once identified, users securely link their account information for banking and shopping sites, social media, and other portals. On subsequent logins, the authenticator scans their iris, verifies their identity, and grants access to any site without having to remember and retype a password.


The device connects via USB to any computer or tablet running Windows 7 or 8, or Mac OS X 10.8.5 and higher. It can authenticate five separate users and comes with a carrying pouch.