Whipped cream chargers (also commonly known as Nangs in Australia) is one of the products which is developed for the ease to produce the perfect whipped cream for various purposes. These were invented in Europe in the mid-’20s and now due to the rise in demand, it is been manufactured all over the world for their different uses.

Whipped cream chargers are steel cylinders that are filled with Nitrous Oxide. The cylinders are 2.5 inches long and 0.7 inches wide where it has a narrow tip at one end and round bottom at another end the all is of the thickness of 2mm which can hold great pressure it contains 8g of Nitrous oxide. These chargers can be recycled and are non-refillable.

The whipped cream is used in so many dishes around the world for toppings, preparations, decorations, taste etc. The food items such as cakes, puddings, coffee, pies reflect the whipped cream as the star ingredient. To get this kind of cream the main initiator is the whipped cream charger.

How are the Whipped Cream Chargers used?

The steel cylinders containing the nitrous oxide can be used to make well-textured cream which is formed using the Whipped cream dispenser. This is the equipment which is a long cylindrical bottle-like equipment that has an opening for the whipped cream charger. The raw material for the cream preparation that is the heavy cream, sugar and any other flavouring agents are put with the help of the lid and it is tightly closed and shaken this action creates pressure and the gas from the charger is released and the bubble is been formed which leads to the end product that is fluffy whipped cream. This cream due to the charger can be preserved for a couple of weeks without any change in the refrigerator. This is one of the main use of a whipped cream charger.

Advantages of Whipped Cream Charger

The chargers will aid in the creation of optimum consistency and an aerated environment in which the cream will be frothy. Because the chargers are used in a closed container, the cream will remain clear, vivid in colour, and taste unadulterated.

Whipped cream gives sauces, pastries, and other foods more volume and substance. Because a variety of flavouring agents can be applied, this can provide an added benefit of experimenting with foods and developing new recipes.

Chargers function as excellent cream preservatives. Even items containing eggs and dairy can benefit from the usage of whipped cream because it extends the storage duration. This particular benefit can assist experts in better-storing substances.

The whipped cream chargers that contain nitrous oxide are biodegradable, bacteriostatic which prevents the growth of the bacteria and increase the shelf life of whipped cream.

These advantages have lead to various applications in various industries especially one of the most leading food and beverage sectors. To avail its advantages the buying options are listed at the end of the article.

Applications of Whipped Cream Charger

The whipped cream chargers are mostly used in culinary industries where it is mostly used in food and beverage sectors. The whipped is acts as the major ingredient. The global consumption of whipped cream is increasing year after year. It is estimated that the market share of whipped cream will increase more than 8.1% by 2025.

The food sectors in which the manufacturing industries where the whipped cream is a part of the final product. The chargers is been used in larger quantities and also in a larger ratio where the whipped cream is produced and transported to various stores.

The other food and beverage sector such as sectors such as restaurants, cafes, diners have unique and different dishes where they use whipped cream provides an added flavour to the different desserts, hot chocolate, milkshake, coffee etc.

The bakery sector widely uses whipped cream for almost every product they bake. The foods like cakes, pies, pastries, puddings will require a well consistent cream to hold the dish together.

All the above-mentioned sectors will require whipped cream in abundant quantities and which are of good quality and is consistent. All these requirements will be fulfilled by the use of whipped cream chargers.

Also, the upcoming sector that is the home kitchen and home chefs are getting on in the run with the professional players where they come up with unique products and are gaining popularity in the crowd. The requirement of the perfect whipped cream charger will kick start their business.

Where can I buy the Whipped Cream Charger?

There are various buying options to buy whipped cream chargers but all we need to focus is on better quality. The shandy and safe products are to be used in any kitchen. The below-mentioned link provides you with one of the best-whipped cream chargers where you can buy and start using it at your comfort and the way you want you can bring out unique and wonderful products and enjoy!