Elan Luxury Eid Collection 2018

Elan Presenting Luxury Eid Collection 2018

Leading and chic women clothing brand of Pakistan Elan introducing Luxury Eid collection 2018Elan also presenting unique clothing trend or bring out a wide range of vibrant and stunning dresses with latest ideas. This Eid collection is full of soft but ravishing hues. The whole collection comprises of shades of white, beige, silver, gold and ivory that’s also inspire you this summer or enhance you look with sophisticated style. Dress and its fabric is kept rich embroidery work including embroidery patches for bottom of shirt and trouser. So all over this Elan Luxury Eid Collection 2018 is so gorgeous hope you like this collection or change your style this summer with Elan Luxury Eid Collection 2018. Let’s see stunning new designs hitting stores very soon.

On this Eid Elan introducing 7 amazing attires to giving you stunning look with contemporary designs.  You also find some very different ideas in Elan clothing that’s never accepting by others. Embroidery pattern also very unique and giving a glamours touch in each attires. Dramatic prints with bold combinations of colors or stitching in a unique ways is a signs of Elan. Price range is very economical then others start from 10990/- to 12990 pkr.

Elan Luxury Eid Collection 2018 consisting of 3pcs dresses including embroidered shirt with dupatta and dyed trouser including embroidery patches. Quality of fabric is really outstanding very soft and reliable to wear in summer you also know Elan never compromise on quality and standards, so buy hassle free but also from trusted Elan dealers. So look below or giving us feedback in comment, hope you like Elan Luxury Eid Collection 2018 or want to make a part of your festive wardrobe collection.

Elan Luxury Eid Collection 2018 Elan Luxury Eid Collection 2018 Elan Luxury Eid Collection 2018

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