Sana Safinaz Introducing Shawl Collection 2018-19

A most famous and iconic women clothing brand Sana Safinaz introducing Shawl Collection for winter 2018-19. Contemporary designs and sensational embroidered pattern with eye catching colors make this collection gorgeous. Rich embroidery with dramatic pattern enhance the grace of attires. Defiantly Sana Safinaz name of chic and sensational fashion representative in this collection you see some really outstanding cut and style that’s leave you speech less.

So this catalog of witner Sana Safinaz Winter Shawl Collection 2018-19 launching on Oct 27th at all Sana Safinaz stores nationwide or all leading women clothing stores also. Price range also economical and you can get these dresses in normal price range start from 5,990 to 6,890 pkr. So hope you like this Sana Safinaz Winter Shawl Collection 2018-19 or want to make a part of your winter wardrobe. Have a look below or warp your self with latest trendy shawls or keep your body warm.

“Bonfires at the beach huddled inside a shawl, laughter with friends under the stars: this is the nostalgia I feel when I think of the word ‘shawl’ – a warmth that envelopes you in safety, in dreams, in family and in a world of possibilities. Keeping this in mind, the shawl collection this year is a fresh take on laid back luxe with an emphasis on indigene embroidery against darker solids. The allure lies in the contrast between patterns, colors and styling.”
Safinaz Muneer says.

Sana Safinaz Winter Sahwl Collection 13 Sana Safinaz Winter Sahwl Collection 13 Sana Safinaz Winter Sahwl Collection 13 Sana Safinaz Winter Sahwl Collection 13

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