Afsaneh Winter Collection 2019

Afsaneh Winter Linen Collection 2019

Afsaneh presents Hayaat Winter Collection 2019 a celebration of life with all its mirth and splendor. Here’s to a journey of self realisation, acceptance and finding joy in the simpler things. A stunning collection for winter 2019 presenting by Afsaneh giving you prominent look with glamours. 

Afsaneh Winter Collection 2019

Afsaneh introducing marvel designs to keep you update rich embellished with dramatic embroidery patter and very unique and trendy cut and style make this collection stunning. Amazing color combination with soft and dark hues or very unique embroidered pattern introducing in each format of fabric you can buy 2pcs printed 2 pcs embroidered or 3pcs printed and embroidered also. So here we published complete catalog of Hayaat Winter Collection 2019 By Afsaneh look and enjoy stunning collection for winter 2019.

Afsaneh Winter Collection 2019 Afsaneh Winter Collection 2019 Afsaneh Winter Collection 2019 Afsaneh Winter Collection 2019 Afsaneh Winter Collection 2019

Latest Winter Collection 2019:

Afsaneh – a new name in traditional retail fashion, opens its doors on the September 8 in Lahore and September 10 in Multan.  Their vision is to provide the customer with a unique aesthetic and designs rooted in tradition with a twist which are not often found in the market. Their indigenous design philosophy is homage to the sub-continent and diverse cultures that originate as our heritage.  Afsaneh team conceives the act of dressing oneself as an effort to tell a story about one’s self – who you are, where you come from and what’s your potential. Therefore, through their luxurious fabrics, brilliant craftsmanship and impeccable prints they evoke a profound sense of distinctiveness that is sure to captivate the heart of many.

Their debut unstitched collection, Sahib-e-Jamal is based upon artisanal embroidery and indigenous fabrics that have always been the heart of Pakistan’s textile region. Beautiful Mughalai bootis, Kashmiri paisleys, lotus flowers and artisanal embroideries are a cornerstone of Sahib-e-Jamal. The colour palette is ideal for the upcoming festive season-from nude beiges and tangerine oranges to bright pinks and seaweed green. Traditional silhouettes like Anghrakhas, Kalidaars, chooridaars, gharara’s and even crushed shararas all make an appearance in their pret collection- perfect for festive occasions. The Afsaneh woman is aligned with her cultural roots and innate heritage. She has a flair for elegance, and her own sense of style that mixes the old with the new effortlessly.