Latest Designs Of Men Kurta By Riwaj

Latest Designs Of Men Kurta By Riwaj

A prime men clothing brand Riwaj presenting a modern fashion sense in Men clothing for Eid festive 2019. Kurta is a formal and casual dress of Pakistani men. Mostly Pakistani Men and young boys wear in routine if you say that Kurta is a traditional dress of men, then its not wrong. In Pakistan some brands have a history or become a trend setter in Men fashion. they change the whole concept of Men clothing. Nowadays to much clothing brand working in Pakistan or introducing modern ideas in men clothing.

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Here i am talking about one of the best and amazing Men clothing brand Riwaj. A name of quality, advance fashion ideas, and sophistication. Recently i saw some top rated brand in market and check the stuff quality and designs. They made by quality fabrics but prices are to much high then Riwaj. So this year i decide to buy Riwaj fabric for upcoming Eid days.

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Right into this awesome Eid ul fitar Collection 2019 for men, the brand has been all engaged in giving out the best designed pieces of the kurta designs. The whole collection is simply included with the best and well turned out designs of the kurta that are giving the whole collection with the excellent feeling impression. Each single piece of kurta is different looking from one another.  Hence the designing and styling of the kurta cut pieces has been done in so simple and plain form of blends. Moreover, white color combinations are made part of this Eid ul Azha Collection 2018 for men. Apart from the Eid festivity, men can choose this collection to worn as best for the family dinners and get together events.

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Really love this color or on every occasions must be stitched or wear this color, a little bit work on neckline looking gorgouse with sophisticated pattern. So very first choice of my wardrobe.


These kurtas are in classical designs of Pakistani kurta clothing you can see some embroidery work around necklines,button area and shoulder area of kurta kameez. This collection is inspired from the late Persian literature you will find artistic designs all over the dress.

Blue,black and light forms of these colors are main color palette of this collection when it comes to choosing the footwear you can wear Khussa or Peshwari Chappel that will easily match with these dresses.Some other types of Chappals can be worn that are in brown or black color.


This century everyone want to become look like so lovely and should prepared herself for this each person busy in fashion and wears summer, winter stylish Jean kurta shalwar kameez sharwani styles 2018. The new upcoming trend of Shalwar Kameez for Boys is adopted by most fashion brand of Pakistan Riwaj. So here is complete catalog of Riwaj Eid Kurta Collection 2019. Hope you like these stunning men kurta designs or want to wear on upcoming Eid 2019. These Kurta defiantly bring change in your style or give you prominent look then others.

Latest Designs Of Men Kurta By Riwaj Latest Designs Of Men Kurta By Riwaj Latest Designs Of Men Kurta By Riwaj Latest Designs Of Men Kurta By Riwaj Latest Designs Of Men Kurta By Riwaj

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Some kurtas have fine lining as well as self printing done on it. Some are with pockets and some are without pockets and all of this depends upon the choice of the person wearing it. Even kurtas with half and full sleeves are also in the market and it is left up to people to decide what they want to wear.

All in all, We can say that kurta is an essential part of the wardrobe of people of ُُُُُُُPakistan and men surely feel complete when they are wearing a kurta. They aren’t outdated any more that they do not understand the fashions of the era and what would suit them the most. So, Men these days are very much aware of what they want to wear and how to keep themselves updated with the ongoing fashion trends.

To conclude, Kurtas are as important an attire as anything and although it’s a traditional outfit to wear but it is always good to have some innovation going with it and men surely love it to the core. Let it be the kids, Adults or even elderly men. The love for kurta is surely on its rise and everyone is falling for it.

The question that needs to be answered is what suits you the most and what you actually want to wear and literally you can easily find it in any big store around you.

The traditional kurtas of the different areas are also coming into the bigger market and people are just absolutely loving them. The traditional punjabi kurta is surely on the top due to its manly nature. The traditional balochi and sindhi kurtas are also right up there because of their eye catching designing. The kurtas from khyber are also bridging the gap between the people of the country.

The floppy arms,Shoulder badges and frock like extensions are surely a sight to behold in these kurtas and we surely feel close to land we belong to in these kurtas.

As they say that some things just never go out of fashion, Black kurta is surely one of those things. The different styles and patterns of black kurta are in the market these days and men just absolutely are crazy about them. We have even seen a lot of stars using these kurtas as a style statement and wearing them on even formal occasions and hence proving that wearing a black kurta is absolutely never out of fashion.

The recent wave of the love for kurta has been so great that we now see mostly that even our stars when they appear on T.V they are wearing a kurta of some brand.

There are like numerous famous brands who are trying to provide the best possible stuff for the men to wear. They sometimes bring kurtas that are shorter in length so that they can be worn with pajamas or jeans. Sometimes longer kurtas are designed for the traditional outlook. Elegant thread embroideries are made with contrast on necklines and kurta sleeves to enhance the beauty and grace of the kurta and also the person wearing it.

So,We wish you an amazing kurta outfit the next time you buy and be the man that you are.