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Mens Shalwar kameez Collar Designs 2019

When it comes to style and tradition for Pakistanis, One can not simply ignore shalwar kameez. It is a sign and a proper channel of representing out tradition as well well as our nationalism and love towards our country. Shalwar kameez is not just a dress, It is a feeling.A feeling of association with our beloved country and nation. Shalwar kameez is our national dress as well. So, The latest designs of shalwar kameez for men also have a touch of that perspective as well and that’s why on special occasions of the country we see themed designs.

But one thing is for sure, There has always been a misunderstanding of associating traditional stuff with outdated stuff. This is not the case with the brands who are selling salwar kameez. Although,There is no doubt that this is a traditional attire but there is no lack of fashion and style in it. There have been a lot of new styles and patterns that are coming into the market and the brands are using them.

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Certain different colors are given preference on different occasions. There are all sorts of varieties for all sorts of functions and even for daily routine life. As colors are a way to represent ourselves and what better way to express ourselves by wearing our favorite dress in our favorite color. So,Whenever we have a look at latest shalwar kameez designs for men we always see it in a large variety of colors, So that, Everybody can wear the color they love.

Shalwar kameez is a dress which has all the attributes of being your favourite dress. It has the comfort factor,It has the tradition associated with it, It has the grace as well.All in all, It is a perfect dress for being class personified. A well knitted and fitted salwar kameez just singles you out wherever you are. The modern day trends are quite interesting, More of the shalwar kameez patterns work with salwar being a plain white one and different colors of kameez are used.The kameez can be a simple plain one of any color and it can also be embroidered on neck or cuffs or even the sleeves. It can even be of half sleeves and with or without pockets.

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There are basically two types of shalwar kameez that is going trendy.

  • Plain and simple.
  • Fancy

          The plain and simple shalwar kameez is used more often in daily life routine or to offer prayers. It is a lovely piece of art as it is simple as well as graceful at the same time. It can have side pockets on the kameez and no embroidery is done on the kameez and everything is just kept simple as possible. Plain salwar kameez can be of the same color as well or of different colors and beautiful patterns can be used for them.

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shalwar kameez design man shalwar kameez design man

shalwar kameez design man shalwar kameez design man

The fancy shalwar kameez is really growing it’s fan base quickly. It is not for formal functions, They are rather designed to attend special function like marriage and stuff like that. There are so many fancy kameez salwar patterns for the bridegroom that he has a lot of options to make his special day even more special. The fancy kameez can have pockets on the side as well as on the front. It can also have badges at shoulders with buttons. It can also have embroidery on it to embellish it even more.

There is salwar kameez for all seasons and times. The ones that are worn in summer are different from the ones that are worn in winter. Similarly, The one you wear on formal functions are different from the ones we wear for party time. No matter what the time or place is we just cannot ignore the love for salwar kameez. And there is a serious reason behind that and that is the grace and class it gives us back.

As the summer season has well and truly arrived in Pakistan. The brands are trying their level best to ensure best possible designs and trendy looks to give to men to enjoy their summers by looking cool. The summer designs of shalwar kameez are in the stores now and people are buying them to look cool in this hot summer. 

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shalwar kameez design man

The cloth material that is used in summers is very light one and even the color patterns that are used are mostly light. There is not much embroidery on the kameez and even if there is some embroidery, It is very light one. Every thing aims to satisfy the customer with comfort. The basic aim of the brands while making summer salwar kameez is to give comfort to its customers and not to make them sweat because of the heavy stuff in clothes. In summer, The brands also introduce the half sleeves kameez so that men can actually feel relaxed and the air can easily pass through.

No matter how fashionable or modern we become, There is always a touch of traditionalism in us Pakistanis. We are deeply rooted and associated with our traditions and we never want to lose them not even at the cost of a fashionable look. So what more would a Pakistani want if he gets attached to his roots as well as he looks fashionable and stylish at the same time. Such is the beauty of salwar kameez that it keeps that brilliant ratio and helps us to maintain a nice ration between these two things. Deep down we all men know that no other attire can flaunt our well shaped body other than a nicely fitted salwar kameez. It gives us the look of a desi superhero of sorts. So,It is always nice to have a combination of tradition and modernism and to wear it off with ultimate class just adds to the beauty of it. Pakistanis just love their salwar kameez. It is their go to apparel no matter what the occasion is, There will always be a place for shalwar kameez. The beauty of it is in the variety that comes with it. You can wear a nice black kameez with a plain white salwar. You can even wear both of the same color. Even on our special national days like 14th august or 23rd march, A lot of brands start making salwar kameez on the theme of our national flag. A green kameez with a plain white salwar is surely a sight to behold.

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The times have gone that when salwar kameez was considered an average man’s dress. Now even the elite of the country including our national leaders love to wear salwar kameez. It is a kind of style statement. They wear plain white salwar kameez with a black waistcoat on and this has become a total norm in this part of the world. 

Salwar kameez is surely one of the most attractive and decent at the same time sort of attire. One can never look too extravagant in a salwar kameez unless or until he makes really bad choice of the color combinations. So it is always a safe bet to wear shalwar kameez whenever you want to wear it or whenever you are confused between two dresses, Just go with the most classy shalwar kameez you have and you will not be disappointing.

All in all, We can simply say that there are somethings in a nation which they can never disassociate themselves from and for Pakistanis it has to be shalwar kameez. This is our style statement. This is our identity. The migrants who wear salwar kameez are known by their attire that they are Pakistanis. It separates us from everyone else. It gives us that feel about having a separate tradition, A separate fashion sense and on a whole level, A separate identity. Shalwar kameez is surely a part of the core of our tradition and we at no cost can part ways with it. No matter even if we wear the suits all year along, There is no way that we are going to wear suits on Eid. It just has to be salwar kameez. Such is the level of importance of this attire in our tradition.

To conclude, We can simply say that if there will be ever a competition of class, grace,simplicity, fashionable, trendy, Soothing in one dress then salwar kameez would surely win it any day of the year and we just can’t stop loving our national dress.

The different latest designs of shalwar kameez for men whether they are simple, fancy, embroidered, without the embellishments, same color combos, different color combos all of these have a special place in our wardrobe and we just can’t stop wearing and loving salwar kameez. The leading brands are trying their level best to ensure the happiness, Comfort and demand of the customers and people are just absolutely falling in love with the variety and quality that is put on display in the latest designs of shalwar kameez for men.